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this is me


I am a digital art director and researcher who loves to be part of innovative and creative projects. I have been working in Brazilian advertising agencies since 2007. Through my career I have been involved in multiple projects and campaigns, always bringing the best solution for the client.

I participated in many inspiring projects not only working as a part of the creative team but also in the planning team. With that I developed my skills in art direction, visual design and also creative strategy, gaining a new way of seeing the solutions and bringing a much more complete outcome to our clients.

After moving to Germany for a Master Degree in Digital Media I developed hands-on projects with cutting-edge technologies and disruptive design, shaping my own critical point of view and design thinking. In 2017 I made my international professional debut as a UX & Product Designer and had a great experience with an international passionate team. That experience made me avid for more intercultural environments and challenges.

I’m now even more in love with big ideas, innovation, art and technology.

what am I up to?

Right now I am based in Germany, where I just completed my master degree in Digital Media.

Those are my most recent works here as a Digital Innovation Researcher in the Hochschule für Künste:

• Master Thesis: Neurotic Narratives (2018), presented at Segment 7 Passage, Bremen.

• How to get Barbie from A to B Exhibition (2016), presented at Galerie Flut, Bremen and Maker Faire, Hannover (2016): Concept, Visual Design, Developer, Robotics Developer.

• Is this real life? Exhibition (2016), presented at Galerie Flut, Bremen (2016) and EMAF, Osnabrück (2017): Concept, Visual Design, Electronics and Building.

digital art director / design strategist

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Art Direction UI/UX Creative Strategy Interaction Design Design Thinking Advertising Graphic Design Animation Illustration Creative Code Branding Experimental Machine Learning Game Design Storytelling

skills & softwares

Adobe Photoshop••••••••

Adobe Illustrator••••••••

Adobe XD••••••

Adobe Indesign••••••••

Adobe Premiere••••••••

Adobe After Effects••••••••

Sketch App••••••

Cinema 4D•••••

Adobe Lightroom••••••


HTML & CSS•••••••




Arduino & Electronics••••••

Unity & C# / JS••••

3D Printing & Modeling•••••

Laser Cutting••••••

work experience


Master Degree in Digital Media (M.A.)
Hochschule für Künste
Bremen / Germany
2014 - 2018
Graduate Studies in Planning and Business Management
FAE Centro Franciscano
Curitiba / Brazil
2010 - 2011
Bachelor Degree in Advertising
FAE Centro Franciscano
Curitiba / Brazil
2006 - 2010






Low Intermediate